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Replacement Window Color Options

Our superior selection will elevate your windows to a higher level of quality – both in design and endurance.



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Window Color Options in Columbia, MO

Window World of Columbia’s color selection is unmatched throughout the state of Missouri—not in size or variety—but in quality. While our inventory of window colors is vast, each hue is engineered to endure all climates and resist fading over time—that means minimal upkeep and long-lasting quality. From sophisticated shades to a spectrum of natural finishes, Window World can accentuate your home with a rich, custom feel inside and out.

  • Highly weather-resistant to stand up against harsh climates
  • UV protection for superior color endurance
  • Resists cracking, warping and fading
  • Excellent performance in coastal, salt air climates
  • 10-year fade-resistant warranty rider for exterior laminates

The Beauty of Exterior Laminate Technology

Tested and perfected over the last 40 years, exterior laminate technology has endured rigorous experimentation and adaptation to get to where it is today. Its superior strength and lasting beauty you see year-round proves the cutting-edge science behind laminate engineering.

How does it work?
Our color collection features a triple-layer composition which combines a transparent double layer of PVDF and PMMA materials with an acrylic foundation to create superior life-long durability and curb appeal. The laminate bonds tightly with the window substrate through a cross-linked polyurethane adhesive that resists warping and fading in even the harshest conditions.

Protecting the Environment

Choosing green products is not just a trend—it’s a positive way of life that helps protect our planet. The Window World Color Collection never needs to be painted, which helps prevent paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from harming the earth. This generous palette also allows homeowners to choose rich colors and finishes that previously were only possible with painted wood windows.

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